Our Process

A Proactive Approach

exceeding expectations

The Tightly Knit Relationships

with our clients, some for more than 20 years, is the cornerstone of our success. We are proudly recognized for making products that exceed the demanding expectations of our clients.

Our proactive approach to doing business, our availability, our constant communication, our knowledge, and our passion for the industry are all put at the service of creating products that positively impact the lives of consumers on a global scale.

Time to market is also a particular concern for GT Portugal, as we are about the speed with which we find the best solutions to their everyday needs.

With that, we thrive for ways to improve our methods, whether it is by using deadstock or stock services fabrics in textiles, responding to the market with quick repeats to avoid clients having large inventories.

We understand the importance of being flexible, adaptable, and responsive, as we need to assess risks, anticipate problems, and prevent any mishaps before they occur.

With a strong dialogue with our clients, we plan, book capacity, and prepare lab dips so that in the case of order repetitions, we’re in the pole position to grant our clients with extraordinarily short lead times, aiming not only for an inventory close to zero, but also for the ability to repeat the season’s best sellers and avoid any losses with our clients’ sold out products.

GT Portugal supports its clients with a knowledgeable and experienced team in order to establish long-lasting relationships that help them meet the ever-changing expectations of the industry.

1. You send us

Your Idea

Whether it is a mood board or a TP, our industry knowledge combined with our creativity and commitment to quality give us a unique ability to turn it into beautifully crafted products.

We begin by understanding your brand’s identity and uniqueness in order to propose materials, shapes, and details that could help you materialize your designer’s concepts.

We might not be able to read your mind, but with the right amount of brainstorming, conceptualization and prototyping we can turn your vision into reality.

To achieve that, our technical expertise is indispensable, as we have a highly specialized team with considerable industry experience.

The excellence of our products can only be guaranteed with the right materials.

As we constantly strive to establish strong communication routes with our clients, we actively look for and select the best and most appropriate materials in order to meet all requirements, as well as develop custom made materials to ensure the client always achieves the best quality within a certain pre-established price range.

2. Quality Assurance

Before Production Begins

we work closely with suppliers and customers to identify and mitigate any potential risks that may negatively influence the excellence of the final product. We believe that a good quality control plan is more important than just the final inspection of the products.

For GT Portugal, prevention is key when it comes to quality assurance.

We ensure perfect products by setting quality standards and practices in factory sourcing, lab testing, preproduction and ultimately through on-site quality control inspections.

During production, we create an environment that strives for perfection, establishing well-defined control methods throughout all manufacturing stages.

Our skillful and experienced quality control team carefully examines the products to make sure we meet our clients’ demands for exceptional products.

At GT Portugal, we believe that attention to detail is a learned skill that shall be put at the service of our clients’ interests.

Our long lasting relationships with our clients (some with more than 30 years) demonstrate our strong commitment to quality, efficiency, team work, and customer centricity!

3. Delivery with

reliable global couriers

As soon as our clients’ orders are ready, our network of reliable global couriers works around the clock to get our products exactly where they need to be.

From warehousing, transportation, repacking, customs brokerage, hubbing, freight forwarding, consolidation, and other value-added services, we make delivery look easy.

At GT Portugal, we analyze each of our clients’ needs, anticipate challenges and design flexible solutions that help reduce costs.

For example, when a client is in need of a shipment to the United States, we work with their schedule to propose a delivery by freight boat to provide the best and cheapest shipping solution. If the time is limited, a shipment by plane can take place instead.

The sustainability of this process is a major concern for us. As we look for better solutions for our clients, we never underestimate the ecological footprint of our deliveries.

GT Portugal is committed to minimize its environmental impact and achieve a fair, safe, and eco-friendly way to guarantee our clients’ products reach their destinations on time.

Thank you for contacting us.

Our Process