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environmental transparency

We foster a culture of ecological awareness and transparency that inspires our industry and our communities, from the way we adopt practical measures that impact our entire production's environmental footprint to the certification of our items with some of the most well-known environmental control markers (GOTS, BCI, OEKO-TEX, etc.).

Being aware and mindful of our ecological impact is a core aspect of our community duty. It motivates us to think of better and brighter ways to create a more sustainable future.

We produce our garments with environmental regulations as an imperative, by testing and certifying our products with some of the most recognized ecological controlling labels, by opting for natural and organic fibers that represent a less of a burden to our environment, and by incentivising quality over quantity when it comes to purchasing clothes.

For us, saving water, our planet’s most precious resource, is an imperative. For that, we use a number of different techniques that make a difference.

We often dye with cold pad batch - a method that is estimated to save up to 50% of the water used when compared to conventional dyeing.

We dye with Avitera dyes - reducing water, energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during the dyeing and washing-off process.

We also dye with natural inks - avoiding the use of chemicals and water contamination, or using different water reduction systems – such as rainwater collectors, machines that can reuse the clean water at the end of the process.

Because we believe in fostering a lasting change in the fashion industry by taking action and reimagining the way we live, work and dress, we have taken active steps to use less, pollute less, and reuse as much as possible throughout our product’s cycle.

Renewable Sources

In terms of energy efficiency, GT Portugal and its partners are equipped with photovoltaic panels in their production units, allowing us to generate our own electricity while lowering CO2 emissions. These are interlaced with translucent panels to promote natural light within buildings, allowing for improved sealing and energy savings in addition to more internal light.

Waste Management

In our day-to-day activities, we strive to reduce natural resource consumption and waste creation by maximizing process efficiency, reuse, and recycling. Waste is collected and sent to be recycled or treated. A compactor machine collects waste such as mesh, paper, and plastic. Mesh trash is turned into mattress material and given a new lease of life. In our offices, we recycle or reuse all waste materials that can be recycled, and donate our textile scraps whenever possible.

Energy Efficiency

GT Portugal and its associates are also concerned about the energy waste that is mostly prevalent in textile factories. With that in mind, our units are equipped with boilers with energy-recovery systems, which use the steam from the irons to heat water for our laundries. In our offices, we employ LED lighting and Energy Star-rated appliances.

Local Production

We strive to positively impact our local community. Our entire supply chain is located in the Northern Region of Portugal, allowing us to establish great communication bridges from our offices in Matosinhos and ensuring high-quality standards for our clients’ productions. These are made by our responsible manufacturing partners, utilizing certified environmentally friendly standards and materials.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

Giving our employees the opportunity to move responsibly and sustainably was also a challenge that we collectively took very seriously. Our supply chain is equipped with an electric car fleet, each with its own charging station on site, this being one of the most important expenditures for ecological sustainability. This was another significant step in lowering our environmental impact.

Ecological Certifications

Our promise

GT Portugal creates high-quality products that last. We test and certify our products with some of the most recognised ecological controlling labels!

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