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Classic Shoes

From classic shoes (Brouges, Derbys, Monk Strap) and boots (chelsea boot, chukka boot and lace up boot) and loafers we work with goodyear welted, blake stitched and cupsole trainers.

Portuguese classic shoes

are world renowned because of their quality. The focus on the process of the making the shoe is what makes it high quality. Our leather is produced in Italian tanneries from premium quality hides. The natural patina effect is accentuated with time, with each pair of shoes having a unique element.


We have a strong experience in producing excellent classic footwear, made with the best quality materials. Our team has extreme competence and a wide knowledge in all production processes required to make a good timeless classic shoe.


We are working on crossing more sustainable paths by predominantly using vegan materials, vegetable leather, chrome-free leather, organic materials, eco rubber soles, etc. However, we often use traditional materials such as leather with the guarantee of sustainable origin - a breathable, elastic, tear-proof, abrasion-resistant, and heat-insulating material.


Through its investment in technology, productivity and competitiveness, the Portuguese footwear industry responds quickly and effectively to any new flow of orders, quickly dispatching distribution and retail. Along with that, we choose the best type of materials, the grip of the sole and the correct size of the shoe to make sure every product is as comfortable as possible.


All of our classic shoes are “Made in Portugal”, since we have a good flow and quick process of production. This is mainly due to our cluster of international dimensions, located in the north of Portugal. This privileged world geographic location, with excellent communication channels and quick access to ports and airports allows for the ability to easily communicate with any place on Earth.

Our production process

6 Essential Steps

1. Sourcing the materials

Before you finalize your order we are already searching for the perfect material for your product. After our customers decide on the material that they want, we start cutting, using the specific Undandy shoe model and style, ready for the next step.

2. Cut and Sew

We start by creating the pattern for each pair of shoes, following specific instructions regarding the seamstresses to follow. Then we pass to the construction of the first sample which results, after the client approbation, into the making of the product.

3. Construction

The insoles are nailed onto the shoe with the appliance of the toe and counter cuff passing to the next phase that is the fitting of the shoe upper, made in the previous step. In this way, the toe and instep are shaped and the heel is attached to give the form to the shoe.

4. Finishing

To give the shoe its final and best structure it is applied the shank, the supportive part of the shoe between the insole and outsole, giving the shoe its final structure and arch support. At last the sole is attached to the shoe, giving a flexible lightweight feel to the sole.

5. Patinas

In this step, gradual layers of paint are applied meticulously, adding an aged charming feel to the shoe.

6. Packaging

Lastly, the shoe is polished and buffed to perfection so then it can be delicately wrapped and packed.

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