Know-How And Design


With Innovation, Know-How and Design, GT Portugal is working with some of the world leading brands making comfortable, fashionable and good quality sneakers.

The pandemic has had a negative impact on the world economy and footwear market worldwide. Even so, after the lockdown, sneakers are used as a day to day type of shoe, since people seek comfort without jeopardizing their style.

Our team is highly focused on being more sustainable by trying to use eco-friendly materials and processes in alternative to the ones that are mostly used and bad for the environment and workers.

In fact, at GT Portugal we consider the shift on how sneakers are worn as one of the most fast-changing phenomena in fashion. Sneakers have now made their mark as cultural commodities. They are seen as style items and statements of identity, representing an important piece in everyone's closet.

We prioritize the quality of our products, not only by making sure our products are well made but also with the right material to make it as durable and functional as possible. Keeping tradition and modernity in mind, our quality control specialists certify that no pieces of ours are damaged in any way and end up exactly how our clients wanted it. In our manufacturing process every product results in exceptional footwear, since we always strive for a final result of excellence.

6 reasons

Why GT Portugal is a leading footwear producer

1. Know-How

At GT Portugal we make every effort to create the perfect balance between tradition and technology, using our generational history of competence and knowledge in the

2. Innovation & Technology

We have invested in state-of-the-art technologies (3D Sketch, ERP, Automatic cutting machine) to find the most appropriate solutions to our customers' real needs.

3. Sustainable Materials

GT Portugal focuses on developing new sustainable manufacturing materials (grape and pineapple leather, and other recyclable materials such as recycled rubber sole, microfiber and natural cotton laces) to make the industry more eco-friendly.

4. Design

Here we transform your ideas into reality and we've a long history in doing so recognized across borders.

5. Suppliers

There are around 1500 footwear companies in Portugal that create a cluster in which every member plays their own role. From the outsole to eyelets and all other sneakers' components, we've thousands of different alternatives.

6. Cutting-Edge Processes

Our products offer a unique design and quality while we use all kinds of eco-friendly processes in alternative to the most commonly adopted ones that are mostly bad for our environment.

MOQs & Leadtimes

GT Portugal has been manufacturing sneakers for the last 10 years, always focusing on producing something innovative and unique.



Our usual MOQs are 200 pairs per style and colour in order to maintain our competitiveness while maintaining our best quality.



It usually takes us 4 weeks to produce a prototype so that you have the embodiment of your idea in your hands in record time.



We'll typically need 6 to 8 weeks to finish the full production of a sneaker.

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