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Seamless and Sports

The technology employed in seamless garment making is one of the most sophisticated within the industry. It obviates the need for fabric laying, cutting, and sewing, allowing the pieces to be done in one continuous procedure.

This technique does not include sewing, seams, or stitches, which aids in comfort and size flexibility, allowing the body to move freely. It can be made with a variety of coloured patterns, as new designs are constantly being developed.

It's created using specialized circular looms and high-end production equipment to create seamless lightweight clothing. This clothing is extremely durable and elastic, allowing it to properly fit the body.

This method is sustainable as it avoids the need for spreading, cutting, and sewing, saving yarn and fabric.

Seamless knitted fabrics typically include less than 10% spandex, a material that can be stretched freely four to seven times before returning to its original length.

New breakthroughs in fiber and yarn creating micro-fibers, such as merino wool, recycled fiber, bamboo, polyester, and others, have made it more durable.

It can also be made of materials such as cotton, nylon, viscose, or cold yarn. Due to the hydration rate, which makes this fiber very cool, this last material is ideal for summer or sports products.

GT Portugal

is able to deliver great seamless products, responding swiftly and efficiently to the market, thanks to innovative technology, the latest Santoni machines, and our specialized people resources.


This method of production may be considered one of the most technologically advanced in the fashion industry.


This is a soft, breathable, and comfortable garment, which produces less waste.


This is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of production because it uses less material and takes less time.

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