Cut and Sew Knit

Sustainable and Unique

On the market since 1985

GT Portugal has been adjusting its methods to the ever changing requirements of our clients. This flexibility allows us to respond with innovative, sustainable materials and finishings through technological innovation, creativity, and process uniqueness.

Cut and Sew Knits (also generically known as Jersey) has in Portugal’s northern region a very strong base. The fragmentation of the industry allowed each player at every step of the supply chain to be extremely professional and very well equipped.

From knitters and dyers to makers, embroiderers, and printing companies, all are coordinated as an almost limitless capacity unit - an organized cluster in which every member plays their own role, offering a distinguished flexible product to the market based on sustainability and social responsibility.

In Portugal, cut and sew represents what is probably the most competitive sector of the textile industry, recognized all over the world for the quality of its products.

At GT, we are particularly well established in this market, having strict relationships with some of the most relevant partners.

GT Portugal is a key player for clients wanting to work in Portugal. In a country that is highly marked by the fragmentation of its market, it can be very hard for clients to understand the competitive advantages of each one.

This strong knowledge of each of our partners’ capabilities gives GT Portugal a competitive edge when it comes to understanding the advantages of most of the knit, dye, embroidery, and print processes, choosing the right one for each request from the clients.

For many clients, cut and sew is a synonym for tshirts or sweats. However, for us cut and sew can be much more.

From jackets to dresses, from minimalistic looks to strong streetwear products full of embroideries, prints and washings, from high definition jacquards to digital printed sweats, we are very comfortable to respond to our clients requests.

Jersey production

in Portugal




In Portugal, More Than 50%

of electricity Is generated by renewable sources. More and more textile companies have their own solar power production, which means our jerseys are not only innovative and unique, but also sustainable.

MOQs & Lead Times

We are specialised in high end products produced with the most outstanding materials and extraordinary finishes.



Our usual MOQs are 300 pieces per style and colour, but we try to be as flexible as possible in order to remain competitive with prices while maintaining the overall quality of materials.



It takes us 1 to 2 weeks to produce a prototype made out of stock materials. This allows you to iterate through your product ideas fast, tuning your designs with maximum flexibility.



It takes us 4 to 6 weeks to produce an SMS, fashioned with your chosen materials and colours. Please note this may vary accordingly and that August is usually a slower month in Portugal.



It takes us 6 to 9 weeks to bring your ideas to life in production. We specialise in high end products produced with the most outstanding materials and extraordinary finishes.

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