GT Portugal

has a long history of making attractive and sporty goods for the colder seasons. Raincoats, trench coats, jackets, basic leather coats, and bombers, both for men and women, are among our most recognizable items.

For us, fabric selection is crucial. It must also be trendy, soft, non-irritating, and drape well. Our pieces are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and simple to clean and maintain.

Designed to protect you from the elements, we produce outerwear items that accomplish their main purpose while being adequate for any event (formal, sports, celebratory, etc.) and, ultimately, your personal style.

Besides the most commonly used synthetics, at GT Portugal we work with certified fabrics that are recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable.

By using natural fibers like merino wool and Tencel Lyocell (a cellulose-based material made from plant material) that can biodegrade without contributing to microplastic pollution we can ensure the circularity of a production right from the beginning.

With GT Portugal, you can produce:

Rain Coats



Trench Coats

Wool Jackets

Technical Garments

6 Factors to consider in your Outerwear Productions

1. Wind, rain, snow, sun, UV rays, and other forms of bad weather protection;

2. Moisture transfer ('wicking') and breathability – qualities that keep the body dry by wicking moisture away from the skin's surface, particularly in goods that come into direct touch with it;

3. Antibacterial qualities that decrease body odor and discoloration of textiles;

4. Comfort in terms of body warmth, fabric sensation, and movement freedom;

5. Fabrics with permeable or insulating characteristics that assist the wearer feel cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather are known as thermal insulation or heat transmission;

6. Features must include ease of care, quick drying, anti-static, lightweight, durability, elasticity, and strength.

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