Nontoxic, organic

UV protected

GT Portugal uses a wide selection

of eco-conscious swimwear fabrics to produce amazing products using the most trendy and innovative types of recycled fabrics for well known international brands.

With the great development that swimwear went through up until today, our commitment couldn’t be simpler - creating beautiful products with unique designs always made with longevity and flexibility in mind.

As an industry recognized for its flexibility, quick response, know-how and innovation, Portugal’s manufacturing market is the perfect place to produce top-notch swimwear textiles using the most sustainable processes and materials.

Selecting the best material for a swimwear piece can be quite tricky.

Choices may vary between fabric composition, style, color, or pattern, depending on our clients goals as a brand.

GT Portugal’s expertise grants that these expectations are met while creating super exciting pieces with the best fit, durability, and stretch.

From polyester, spandex, to nylon blends, we’re able to assess the different attributes that make these fabrics more suitable for each of our clients’ collections and the printing techniques that will achieve the best end product.

The openness, responsible labour practices, production agility, experience, environmental consciousness and easy accessibility aligned with its creative know-how make Portugal one of the most important hubs for textile production today.



A women’s swimwear piece will be usually made out of at least 20% spandex (elastane).

This is then mostly blended with a polyester or polyamide knit combinations in order to give it better drying capabilities.

Polyester in particular (whether recycled or non-recycled) has seen some amazing innovations.

A typical men’s swimwear garment however, is usually made out of polyester or polyamide woven fabrics.

While polyamide typically does not hold onto the prints with great consistency, this type of fabric is more comfortable than polyester.

Polyester allows for a sublimation print (transition from solid to gaseous state without going through a liquid state) with new qualities of polyester we can achieve a super soft and lightweight quality with prints of great flexibility in terms of minimum order quantities (MOQs).

This allows us to have different shapes with distinct prints, creating very diverse collections out of the same designs and patterns.

For example, while polyester is a fabric that is more adequate for a sublimation technique, a polyamide will be much more receptive to a digital print.

GT Portugal works with materials sourced from all over the world, favouring high-quality fabrics from local suppliers or well-renowned European origins much like Italy.



A requisite for all our productions, the word sustainability is surely not a mere buzzword to GT Portugal.

As we work with products made of eco-friendly or recycled materials, we take efforts to reduce greenhouse gases in production ensuring that all compliance and environmental regulations are met.

Some of the most popular eco-friendly/recycled swim fabrics we work with include ECONYL®, TENCEL, REPREVE, Seaqual, etc.

These are some great examples of 100% recycled and recyclable fibers made from pre-consumer (fabric scraps) and post-consumer waste (fishing nets, old carpets...) that do not contain any harmful products to our health and ecosystems.

GT Portugal is also registered on the Seaqual INITIATIVE platform and is attested for its sustainable practices via a wide range of certification programs such as the OEKO-Tex Standard 100.

Fast Lead Time

4-8 Weeks

Within this product category, our lead times for sampling will be around the 4-week mark, while production usually takes up to 8 weeks after final sampling approval. As a seasonal product peak times prior to summer season may generally mean higher lead times.

When it comes to swimwear, manufacturing the most perfect fitting swimsuits is something that comes with GT Portugal’s knowledgeable experience of making these quality pieces.

Within the highly fragmented Portuguese textile industry, we’re lucky enough to deal with all kinds of swimwear products, with different levels of quality, prints, dyes, etc.

While we’re at it, why not create the perfect outfit by matching your swimwear with some of our amazing slippers? At GT Portugal, our skillful shoes department has the expertise to help you make the most wonderful pair of footwear.

With a well-grounded knowledge and capacity for swimwear manufacturing, GT Portugal and its partners ensure that these pieces leave our factories with an efficient execution and the utmost quality.

While we love producing new, fashionable swimwear, we also love the classics that never go out of style. From bold bikinis to more classic one-pieces to men’s shorts, we are your one-stop shop swimsuit producer that got all your swimwear manufacturing and production needs covered.

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